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Welcome to the American home of the Divine Art group of labels. We operate a retail store, music cafe/concert room, gift shop and art gallery in Brandon, Vermont, and have recently opened new offices in Park Village, Brandon, in the Compass Music and Arts Center.
Compass is supported by a non-profit foundation so we can provide educational and arts-supportive programs, events and workspaces. Help us by making a tax-deductible donation direct to the Foundation..


As well as our own labels with 400 highly-praised titles, Divine Art is the US sales agent for Brandon Music Publishing, and we stock scores and books related to our CDs. All Divine Art, Diversions, Metier and Athene titles are also available in digital download format from Classics Online, Amazon and iTunes.

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click image for details...    or browse the catalogue


metier msv 28541
Grieg & Finnissy Piano Quintets
(Roderick Chadwick, Kreutzer Quartet)

First recording of the unfinished Grieg Piano Quintet, completed by Finnissy, and Finnissy's own new piece based on the Quintet. Rare and exquisite music.

  divine art dda 25116
Litany -
organ music by Carson Cooman
(Erik Simmons)

Beautifully lyrical, pastoral, varied and exceptionally well played, a first class recital of new organ music.

divine art dda 25115 (2CD)
Garth: Accompanied Keyboard Sonatas, Op. 2/4
(Gary Cooper, Avison Ensemble)
Twelve baroque masterpieces from the English 18th century composer John Garth.

  new 2 metier msv 28545
Finnissy: Violin & Piano
(Darragh Morgan & Mary Dullea)

Wow. Breathtaking and deep, or satirical and humorous. Finnissy does it all.
new 1

divine art dda 25114
Remembering Alfred Deller
(James Bowman, et al)

Wonderful music for countertenors and recorders from the 17th century to the late 20th from John Blow and Handel to Tippett and Bergmann.

  new 5 metier msv 28544
Craven: Piano Sonatas
(Mary Dullea)

You NEED to hear this fabulous music....... Piano Sonatas 7,8 & 9 can hold their own against most of the great modern masterpieces.
new 1

divine art dda 25113
The Operatic Pianist

(Andrew Wright)

Virtuoso operatic transcriptions and fantasies - splendid music highly entertaining and brilliantly played.

  new12 metier msv 28548
David Dubery: 'Observations'
(James Gilchrist, Adrienne Murray etc))

17 Songs and a String Quartet - the pinnacle of modern lyrical writing.
new 1 metier msv 28533)
Karl Fiorini - Violin Concertos
(Sudecka Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Bartosz Zurakowski)

First recordings of two exceptional new concertos by Maltese composer, featuring top soloists Emanuel Salvador and Marta Magdalena Lelek
  new 4

divine art dda 25117
In Beauty Walking
(Soloists, Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic)

Not without its drama and never bland, Carson Cooman's music for string orchestra is perfect beauty.


divine art dda 25122
The Harmonious Thuringian
(Terence Charlston)

Exceptional harpsichord recital - well known and rare works from the baroque on a very special and distinctive instrument.

  metier msv 77204 (2CD)
Electrifying Oboe
(Christopher Redgate etc.)
Powerful and challenging new music for oboe and electronics - truly electrifying.
new 9

divine art 25118
Rimsky-Korsakov for Piano Duo

(Goldstone & Clemmow)

Exotic and Romantic - composer's own duet version of Scheherazade plus Symphonic Suite Antar: powerful and striking.

  MD3160 cover metier msv 28542
(Jos Zwaanenburg)

New music and sonic art for flute and electronics from leading European musicians.
new10 metier msv 28547
C. Wright: Pandora's Last Gift
(various artists)

Pictures of times and places which have especially touched the composer - joyful, sad, evocative.Chamber works for several instrumental groupings.
  new 1

divine art dda 25075
Music from Armenia for cello and piano
(Heather Tuach, Patil Harboyan)

Unfamilar, yet familiar - mostly first recordings of music in the Romantic tradition much based on folk tunes. A great discovery.

new 6

dvd 003
"Shining Night"
A Portrait of Morten Lauridsen

Extraordinary beautiful film, already recipient of several awards, which captures the soul of America's most-performed choral composer. Both the film and the music in it are breathtakingly unforgettable


metier msvdx 101 (DVD)
Quartet Choreography
(The Kreutzer Quartet)

See and hear! Brilliant performances of modern quartets by the Kreutzers, in a film that will educate (a fine tool for young quartet players and tutors) as well as entertain.

Don't forget our Gallery - limited edition lithographs, paintings, 'Voice of the Artist' CDs - and our giftshop, phonograph room and music cafe!

GALUPPI: Complete Piano Sonatas. Projected 10 CDs. Available: Vol. 1 (DDA25006) Vol. 2 (DDA25007), Vol. 3 (DDA25015), Vol 4 due soon.

* AVISON: CONCERTI GROSSI & SONATAS DDA21210, DDA21211, DDA21213, DDA21214, DDA21215 - all 2CD sets

* SCHUBERT PIANO MASTERWORKS: Vol. 1 (DDA21202) , Vol. 2 (DDA21203), Vol. 3 (DDA21204) - all 2 CD sets


HANDEL HARPSICHORD SUITES: Vol. 1 (DDA21219), Vol. 2 (DDA21220) Vol. 3 coming soon

TCHAIKOVSKY TRANSCRIPTIONS: "Tchaikovsky for Four Hands" (inc Romeo & Juliet, Symphony 4) DDA25020; Music from Opera and the Concert Hall DDA25093; Music from the Ballets DDA25106(and see Piano at the Ballet DDA25073!)

MODERN BRITISH LYRICAL CHAMBER MUSIC: Veale and Crawford MSV28520, Hurd, Milford and Blackford MSV28522, Dubery MSV28523 & MSV28548, Ramsay MSV28528, Wright MSV 28547, Burgess etc MSV77202 (not an 'official' series)

ENGLISH 20TH CENTURY PIANO: (includes one Tippett sonata on each disc) Vol. 1 (MSVCD92004), Vol. 2 (MSVCD92008), Vol. 3 (MSVCD92009)

* BEETHOVEN EXPLORED: Beethoven Violin Sonatas with works by Beethoven contemporaries. Projected 6 CDs.
Available: Vol. 1 (MSVCD2003) Vol. 2 (MSVCD2004), Vol. 3 (MSVCD2005), Vol. 4 (MSVCD2006) Vol. 5 (MSVCD2007) - volume 6 in preparation

* ERIK CHISHOLM MUSIC FOR PIANO: Projected 8 CDS. Available: Vol. 1 (DDV24131), Vol. 2 (DDV24132), Vol. 3 (DDV24133), Vol. 4 (DDV24134), Vol. 5 (DDV24140), Vol. 6 (DDV24149), Vol. 7 (DDV24155).

* JOHN R WILLIAMSON MUSIC FOR PIANO: Vol. 1 (DDV24143), Vol. 2 (DDV24144), Vol. 3 (DDV24145)

AMERICAN PIANO SONATAS: Projected 5 CDs - or more. Available: Vol. 1 (DDA25052)

"PIANO AT" transcriptions: A Night at the Opera (DDA25067). The Piano at the Carnival (DDA25076). The Piano at the Ballet (DDA25073). The Operatic Pianist (DDA25113)

MUSIC OF CARSON COOMAN: 'Rising at Dawn' - chamber music with brass (MSV28538); 'Litany' - music for organ (DDA25116) Coming autumn 2014 'Walking in Beauty - orchestral music; 2015: 'Masques' organ music.

MUSIC OF MICHAEL FINNISSY: Folklore (MSVCD92010), String Quartets (MSVCD92011), Sacred Motets (MSVCD92023), Verdi Transcriptions (MSVCD92027), Gershwin Arrangements (MSVCD92030), Lost Lands (MSVCD92050), This Church (MSVCD92069), Unknown Ground (MSV28536), History of Photography in Sound (MSV77501 - 5 CDs), Works for Piano Quintet (MSV28541), Music for Violin and Piano (MSV28545)

RUSSIAN PIANO MUSIC: vol. 1 (Shostakovich and Comrades) DDA25080 Vol 2 (Rebikov) DDA25081, vol. 3 (Gliere) DDA25083, vol. 4 (Lyapunov) DDA25084 vol. 5 (Arensky) DDA25085 vol. 6 (Rachmaninov) DDA29095, vol. 7 (Prokofiev) DDA25096 , vol. 8 (Mussorgsky) DDA25100; vol. 9 (Weinberg) DDA25105; vol. 10 (Weinberg II) DDA25107

SPECTRAL PIANO: Tristan Murail Complete Piano Works MSVCD92097 Voix Voilées MSV28524

* some complete sets now available at bulk discount - click 'special offer' in menu panel
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