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Harmony in your Home
from the Brandon Music Café

Tea Room


Enjoy freshly baked, cakes, scones, cookies, and pastries at home - idea for parties, family gatherings or just to make yourself feel good!


All items are made to order so we need at least two days' notice - all fresh and made from locally-sourced Vermont products with no added preservatives.

To order, just call in any day except Tuesday - we are open from 10 am to 6 pm - or phone us on 802 465 4071; we accept most credit and debit cards (not American Express).



A sumptuous chocolate indulgence smothered in a luscious rich and dark ganache.

9” cake $25.00 (half $14.00) 8” cake $20.00



The ultimate cheesecake, smooth and creamy and topped with fresh fruits or fruit curds

9” cake $25.00 (half $14.00) 8” cake $20.00



A delicious, moist and sweet carrot cake with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting

9” cake $25.00 (half $14.00) 8” cake $20.00



Not too sweet or heavy, this light fruity bundt cake is delicately spiced and piquant.

9” cake $25.00 (half $14.00) 8” cake $20.00



An extra-moist and luscious pear cake full of real chunky fruit – serve with whipped cream.

9” cake $25.00 (half $14.00) 8” cake $20.00



This wondrous lemon cake oozes with tangy home-made lemon curd. A Harmony specialty.

9” cake $25.00 (half $14.00) 8” cake $20.00



Broccoli Quiche Lorraine, or

Sassy Tomato, Pepper and Sausage

10” $18.00

Traditional English Scones


“Plain Janes: - pictured – or Cheese, cherry, blueberry or raisin.

$8.00 for 6; $15.00 for 12

Yorkshire Fat Rascals


Traditional tasty fruit domed buns

$8.00 for 6; $15.00 for 12



Cup-cake heaven – hundreds of varieties available!

$8.00 for 6; $15.00 for 12

Cookies   please ask!
Treacle Tart   One of the staples of English tea-tables and a very popular import to our Vermont tearoom. Ask!